Woodside Ballet Co. Policy

Please read carefully and follow our policy for best learning experience for yourself as well as others.


-Please arrive a few minutes before class time to get ready to start.

-Students arriving more than 5 minutes after their class has begun will be asked to sit and observe the class.

-If a student is late they should wait at the door of the studio until the teacher invites them in.

-Please contact us to notify if your child will be absent.

-All students are required to make up all missed classes. Absences may be made up in a class of their level or below.

-Students are entitled to make up classes for all holidays except winter and year-end break.

-In case of inclement weather, check the website or facebook for schedule changes or cancellation announcements.

-Bring your own water bottle and make sure to mark it with a name tag.

-Students are expected to behave appropriately at all times. This includes: no talking during class, no inappropriate talk in the dressing rooms, and treating your fellow students and teachers with kindness and respect. Woodside Ballet Co. maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding bullying.

-Woodside Ballet Co. is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

-Please contact the office with any questions.

Ladies: Level-specific leotard styles and colors must be worn with pink footed tights and pink
ballet slippers. Hair must be in a bun. Bangs and short hair should be pinned back. No jewelry except small stud earrings. Only pale pink or clear nail polish may be worn in class.

Pre-Ballet: white leotard, no tights. 3-4 y.
Intro-Ballet : Black leotard pink tights. 6-7-8-9-10( with no previous ballet training- starting after September).
Ballet I: pink leotard,pink tights. 5-6 y.
Ballet II-III-IV: black leotard, pink tights.7-12y.
Ballet V-VI-VII: navy leotard, pink tights. 13-19y.
Hip-Hop class: Black top or black ballet leotard, Black yoga pants or shorts, jazz shoes.

*Students may wear any solid-color leotard to class on their birthday.
*The rest of the dress code requirements still stand. Leotards cannot have crisscross straps, zippers, halters, velvet, lace, cut-out backs, or any other adornments.


-Please join in comfortable clothes with hair in a bun. Bangs and short hair should be pinned back. Don't forget to bring water.


-We accept cash/checks/money order/credit cards/Venmo/PayPal payments.

-Please make the check/money order payable to Woodside Ballet Co.

-For Venmo or PayPal payments, please send it to

-$30 fee will be applied in case of returned checks or mistaken chargeback on Venmo or PayPal.

-If you're enrolled in a Kids Music Together class currently, you will receive 10% discount for ballet classes.

-If you have been enrolled in a Kids Music Together class within past year, your registration fee will be waived.

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